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Genuine Subaru Parts perform better, longer. They have been designed, tested and manufactured according to the factory's detailed specifications. As a Subaru owner, ensuring the proper care for your new investment will help keep your vehicle - and its retained value - in optimum condition.

Bill Buckle Subaru only uses genuine Subaru parts. There are many non-genuine options available, but why would you trust an unproven part in your vehicle when a genuine part is tested and proven to keep your vehicle reliable and performing at its best.

These parts have been designed, tested and manufactured according to Subaru's uncompromising premium standard to ensure the superior quality and durability of every part.

  • Every Subaru Genuine Part comes with a 12-month warranty.
  • With each part and component, you can have complete confidence in its fit, quality, durability and function.
  • Subaru Genuine Parts, in combination with regular vehicle maintenance, will help protect your Subaru, providing enhanced safety and performance. All Subaru Genuine Parts can be ordered and purchased at any Subaru dealership. For more information, including price details, please contact Bill Buckle Subaru.

Our parts department deals in most types of car parts and is able to assist you in obtaining the correct part that you need for your car.

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